ML QI Partnership

What is the Medicare Local Quality Improvement Partnership?

The innovative QI Partnership will help you to develop and implement a plan that uses quality improvement methods to addresses a health priority in your region related to the prevention or management of chronic disease. You will also be supported to ensure that eHealth is an integral component of the plan.

Participation in the QI Partnership will provide a great opportunity to benefit from:

  • Accessing a wealth of data relating to chronic conditions, eHealth and primary health care through qiConnect, IF's web portal
  • Acquiring new skills through comprehensive quality improvement training
  • Access to financial incentives to support QI work with your practices and health services
  • Using data to assist with reporting requirements
  • Networking with other Medicare Locals and leaders in the field at workshops and training events
  • Aligning Program work to the strategic objectives of your Medicare Local and utilising a proven quality improvement method to support with achieving Accreditation Standards
  • Sharing experiences and ideas through the qiCommunity, IF's national online quality improvement community
  • Using your understanding of this quality improvement method and tools to identify issues and make improvements across a wide variety of Medicare Local priorities, including meaningful adoption of the personally controlled electronic health record.

Through the QI Partnership your Medicare Local will be supported to embed continuous quality improvement as core business for your organisation, to support the improvement of health outcomes in your region.

The Improvement Foundation (IF) will coach your team to identify a chronic disease prevention and/or management priority, develop and implement a plan to address this priority area. 


Improving health outcomes and engaging practices and health services with your Chronic Disease Improvement Plan

IF will support your team to develop a Chronic Disease Improvement Plan (CDIP) to engage general practices and health services (including allied health services) to move towards best practice in the prevention and management of chronic disease. Your CDIP activity will include the hosting of a Chronic Disease Improvement Workshop.

Some of the benefits you can expect to see through delivery of the Chronic Disease Improvement Workshop include:

  • Engaging your practices and health services in continuous quality improvement
  • Collecting data for your region, displaying and benchmarking these data
  • Engaging health service professionals to improve their systems and achieve better health outcomes
  • Access to operational funding to hold a workshop with your practices and health services
  • Embedding continuous quality improvement to address priority areas within your Medicare Local.

IF will support you with the design and implementation of this workshop, including the provision of operational funding for this workshop. We'll also help you with the recruitment process and provide you with recruitment materials. 


Payments for Medicare Locals

IF will fund the costs of:

  • Reasonable travel and accommodation for three team members from your organisation to attend the three Learning Workshops
  • Operational costs of holding a Chronic Disease Improvement Workshop
  • Incentive payments for participating general practices and health services.

Click here to view the APCC Travel Policy for Medicare Locals.


Sharing ideas with other Medicare Locals

This Partnership will bring your Medicare Local team together with colleagues from around Australia in an environment of peer-to-peer learning and sharing to promote innovation and rapidly spread ideas for improvement.

Your team will benefit from networking and team building opportunities with staff from other Medicare Locals, and sharing ideas and experiences with fellow professionals who are facing similar challenges. 


Orientation session

IF will deliver an orientation a webinar to Medicare Local staff who will be directly involved in this Wave. The webinar will be held on Monday 4 November 2013. We strongly encourage the supervising officer or executive officer to attend this session to gain an informative insight into the objectives of this program. 


Workshop dates:

The three team members participating in this Partnership will attend and actively participate in three face-to-face workshops, held over five months, with supported activity periods in between. Learning Workshops (LW) will be held in the Gold Coast on the following dates:

  • LW1 - Tuesday November 12 and Wednesday November 13 2013
  • LW2 - Thursday January 30 and Friday January 31 2014
  • LW3 - Thursday March 27 and Friday March 28 2014

IF will also deliver four virtual training webinars so you can involve more of your Medicare Local team in quality improvement education. 


Improve the way you work

If your team participates in the Medicare Local Quality Improvement Partnership, you can expect to benefit from:

  • A flexible and supported approach to engage your organisation in continuous quality improvement
  • An increase in knowledge and skills within your team through the practical application of quality improvement approaches to health priorities
  • The ability to respond to and implement change more effectively
  • Flexibility to identify your own health priority from the established APCC suite of topics for discussion at workshops. This will enable you to respond to primary care needs in the area of improving care in the management and prevention of chronic disease and service delivery.
  • Support to integrate eHealth as an integral part of addressing the priority area 


What is required of participating Medicare Locals?

There are some minimum requirements that participating Medicare Locals must meet:

  • Three staff members will attend and actively participate in workshops. As each workshop builds on the work completed in the one prior, it's important to have the same three team members attend all workshops
  • You'll develop your CDIP and implement it by recruiting local general practices and health services to participate in the chronic disease improvement activity
  • Support the submission of data from participating general practices and health service on a monthly basis
  • Record two case studies to reflect and share the improvement work undertaken in this partnership.


Measuring for Improvement

The ability to measure change and improvement is at the heart of the Collaborative methodology. Measuring will help you identify opportunities for improvement, and you can track where your change efforts are getting results.

Through qi Connect, IF's secure online web portal, participating Medicare Locals will be able to:

  • Track the results of your improvement work using feedback graphs
  • Use data to identify areas for improvement
  • Use feedback graphs to engage and motivate your general practices health services to make improvements to their systems to support better prevention and management of chronic disease.

To read more about measures, qiConnect and how the measures are submitted click here. 

What happens to my data?

All data that are submitted to qi Connect are aggregated to protect the privacy of the data's source, and then made available to you via a suite of online graphs and feedback tools. 

How do I participate?

Expressions of interest for the Medicare Local QI Partnership have now closed.

Last Updated 05 June 2014