qiConnect - IF’s Web Portal

qiConnect is our innovative quality improvement web portal that provides an extensive range of quality improvement tools, services and resources. Any of the organisations that support services involved in our quality improvement programs can use qiConnect to benchmark improvements against the Medicare Local, State or Territory and national averages. qiConnect contains the following features:

Track and View your Quality Improvements

  • Electronic extraction and submission of data using the Pen Clinical Audit Tool – saving time and manual input
  • Dashboards that present data in a user friendly format
  • Analysis and benchmarking of clinical and other data to identify target areas for improvement
  • Charts to monitor improvement over time covering a range of clinical areas
  • Compare and benchmark multiple performance indicators against local, regional and national aggregate data
  • Set goals and monitor progress
  • Online submission for the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycles of the Model for Improvement including access to a database of templates generated from good ideas from other participants to help minimise effort and rapidly spread them
  • Collaborate, learn and share good practice with colleagues


Automatic and Easy Data Uploads

If you’re working in a practice or health service, you can easily submit electronic data to qiConnect. Real time feedback graphs will help you to track the results of your improvement efforts over time and identify areas where you can make improvements to the services you provide. You can also set goals and compare your results to others.


Collaborate and Learn

All qiConnect users will become part of IF’s broader qiCommunity. You can be involved in face to face events, and live, interactive webinars. Collaborate with others and share wins, challenges and experiences with colleagues in the discussion forums, and access hundreds of resources collected from organisations involved in more than five years of IF quality improvement programs.


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qiConnect is hosted at a secure datacentre in Brisbane. The infrastructure environment is monitored, supported and managed by specialist personnel, and has a regular security update program, as well as daily offsite backups. Through our strategic and creative use of technologies, we have developed and built a number of online tools used for reporting, monitoring, managing and organising various data and information. We also have additional experience in drawing together data from disparate systems and developing interoperability protocols.

Last Updated 20 June 2014